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Jelqing is one of the best penis enlargement techniques that increase the penis size in a natural way. Jelqing is also known as milking because it uses frequent hand movement to increase the size of your penis. This technique does not require any surgery or other medications and it increases the size of penis in a natural way. Unlike other methods, the changes are visible just after few weeks, provided you are performing the Jelqing exercises on a regular basis. It involves two steps; warming up your penis and stroking your penis.

Warming up is necessary to prepare your penis for the exercising schedule. You can warm up by rubbing your penis slowly with a warm spongy cloth. The cloth must be warm and not hot so that no burning sensation happens. After warming up, you need to stroke your penis in upward and downward direction, as masturbation but you do not have to ejaculate. The basic purpose of the exercise is to strengthen your tissues, which helps in the increasing the strength and erection period of your penis. A large penis directly affects your bedroom confidence and makes you feel strong while performing sex with your partner. Jelqing will increase your penis size without affecting it in an otherwise manner like the medicines and surgery do.

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