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Natural Penis Enlargement

The male enhancement industry is a growing market, which is filled with an incredible amount of products which will increase your stamina, provide you with rock hard erections, and increase the size of your manhood.

Unfortunately looking for a male enhancement product backed by medical or clinical tests to back up their claims can be difficult, and amongst the bewildering choice, there are many products which do nothing more than deflate your wallet!

When it comes to penis enlargement, there are many products out there: Penis enlargement devices, male enhancement patches, pills, penis exercises and even surgery. And some of these products will claim increases in penis size, heightened stamina and increased sexual satisfaction.

But, as they say the proof is in the pudding – It is therefore very important to research these products and determine the right product or approach for you – Looking at how each product or process works, and the short and long term gains that can be had, as well as evaluating if there are any potential risks to think about.

I’ve done this, and was amazed by the discrepancies which exists in between these products, the claims they state, and the reality when it comes to actual results and money wasted in useless products (Think Austin Powers with the pump).

Are you ready to find out more? If so, follow me.

The enhancement/enlarger pills


What I found with these male enhancement pills is that very often they are full of $#!%£. There are a few which actually work, but the majority will claim to do one thing, but not actually deliver on their sales pitch.

Unfortunately, the links between these natural male enhancer pills and penis size growth are more or less unfounded.

These male enhancement pills usually offer an aphrodisiac which will increase your stamina, as well as your blood flow – These won’t necessarily increase your penis size but can provide harder erections.

The main ingredients found in natural male enhancement include:

  • Damiana –This can improve erections function and increase the length of orgasms
  • Tribulus Terrestris –This will boosts your stamina, and delay orgasm and premature ejaculation. A bit like red bull for your sex drive.
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract –This improves your libido
  • Red Ginseng – This has historically been used for its aphrodisiac properties. Red ginseng is linked to increased energy levels and can also play a part in helping erectile dysfunction.

Our verdict: These can help boost your libido, increase your energy levels, improve the blood flow which can lead to better erections.

But there is no evidence that these can lead to a bigger penis.

The male enhancement patches

The patches work in a similar way to the male enhancement pills, but use patches to administer the ingredients straight to your blood. This is more practical if you don’t like pills and can act quicker too – But most are usually only good for increasing libido rather than provide long lasting size improvements.

Our verdict: These can help boost your libido, increase your energy levels, improve the blood flow which can lead to better erections.

But there is no evidence that these can lead to a bigger penis.


jelq_gripJelqing has been used for centuries in asia and the middle east, and is all about penis exercises focusing on the muscle and other tissues in the penis.

The goal of Jelqing is to permanently increase the maximum erect size of the penis.

One of the techniques, is called “milking”, and involves wrapping the thumb and index finger around the penis while semi-erect and repeatedly drawing them away from one’s body to force blood into the glands.

This encourages more vascularity in the corpus cavernosa and associated tissues, which can lead to size increases of up to two extra inches to your length (But to date there isn’t much scientific research confirming this).

Jelqing should be practiced safely, as failure to do so can lead to nasty complications. Risks include burst blood vessels, and bleeding of the urethra should you put too much pressure!

The main drawback to Jelqing is that its effects are short term and without regular exercise, the extra length will be lost.

We recommend joining a membership programme or forum to find out more about the different techniques, and how to practice them safely. My personal favourite is Penis Health.

Our verdict: Jelqing can help increase the length of your penis, but you should practice the techniques safely. This can carry risks, and needs to be practiced regularly for the effects to remain.

Penile Surgery

doctorPenis enlargement surgery is probably the quickest way but also the riskiest way of increasing the size of your manhood. Not quite a “natural”, but I thought I would include this for completion so you get a well rounded view of options.

The way the procedure works is that doctors will use a technique called phalloplasy, which severs the suspensory ligament which is found in the pubic bone area which can increase your size by up to two to four inches.

The main risk to this type of surgery is that by losing the suspensory ligament, you might hinder your ability to sustain an erection – To me this is a big turnoff!

You can also enlarge your penis through a technique called lipo sculpture, which uses plastic surgery to take fatty tissue from your body, and inject it into your penis.

The risk of this procedure is that it can result in a build up of fatty deposits under your skin, which can make the appearance of your manhood look a bit un-even, plus who know how your penis will look after a few years…(Think back of the first breast implants they performed…)

Our verdict: Penile surgery can provide a “quick win”, but it comes at a very high price – You won’t find the procedure covered by the NHS, and the risks of permanent damage to your sexual health need to be considered.

Penis Enlargement Devices

penis-deviceI’ve found that penis enlargement devices to be the most effective and reliable way to increase penis size – The big players behind the most popular devices all come from a medical background, and have poured years of research and clinical tests to ensure that their products deliver. Penis traction devices have been found to safely enable men to increase their penis sizes by tugging the penis gradually for permanent size increases.

This technique which has been used for centuries by African tribes to increase the length of body parts, is now being used in orthopaedic surgery, and physiotherapy in hospitals. This procedure can now be applied to penis enlargement, and you can start seeing results within seven to ten days!

The way these penis enlargement devices work, is that they stimulate the natural duplication of tissue cells within your penis. This is done gradually, and therefore develops your penis naturally as well as permanently.

The results from the clinical trials, and customer testimonials are very positive and have demonstrated that ou can grow your manhood up to 30% – Can you imagine such an increase in both girth and length.

Within two weeks, you will experience much longer orgasms, better and harder erections as well as the correction of penile curvature by up to 60%.

Our verdict: Penis enlargement devices offer a real solution, based on medical and clinical research. Featuring little or no side effects, this type of penis enlargement is both safe and permanent.

The main trusted penis enlargement devices available in the market include: Size Genetics, and Jes Extender. All three are reviewed here.

Making the right decision for your needs

Although male enhancement pills, penis exercises and patches can help improve sexual potency, provide stronger erections and increase stamina – When it comes to enlarging your penis, the penis enlargement devices using traction devices are the safest and most effective solution.

Make sure you buy from the big players, Size Genetics, and Jes Extender are my favourite – They use medically backed devices, using Medical Type materials, and are made to CE standards. With these devices you can safely increase your penis size and share better moments in bed with your partner without harming your body, or risky and costly surgery.