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Like many other men, you probably believe that the penis size that you have at the end of puberty is the penis size that you will have for the rest of your life. You also probably believe that there are very few methods for increasing the size of your penis short of taking pills and having surgery. However, there are actually natural methods available to increase your penis size. This natural method includes exercising the penis.

For thousands of years, penis exercises have been used as a method to increase penis size. Penis exercises can increase your penis size by up to one inch in length and half-an-inch in girth in only three months. In addition to the increase in penis size, there are also other benefits of penis exercises. These benefits include a harder and longer lasting erection, a more productive ejaculation, and improved bedroom confidence.

One exercise that you can perform to increase your penis size is jelqing. Jelqing, also called milking the penis, is one of the oldest techniques for exercising your penis. To perform this technique, you should you should first make the “OK” sign with the hand that you want to use to perform the exercise. Next, you slide your “OK” hand down the shaft of your penis. Afterwards, you pull down until you reach the head of your penis. This each stroke should take about 3 seconds and you should perform about 300 strokes of this exercise per day.

Again, it is not necessary to take pills or have surgery to increase your penis size as there are natural ways available to increase your penis size.

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