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Steve’s Testimonial

Nickname: Steve
Product used:
Size Genetics

Starting measurements:
Erect Length: 6″ Erect Girth: 5″
Current measurements:
Erect Length: 8.1″ Erect Girth: 6″
Erect Length: 2.1″ Erect Girth: 1″

“My starting measurements were Erect Length: 5 7/8″ and Erect Girth: 5 1/8″ My flaccid size was an embarrassment at around 2″ length and 4″s girth.”

“To date, My statistics are as follows: Erect Length: 7.3″ Erect Girth: 5″. My flaccid size is great but still varies on occaision according to conditions – around 5″ – 6″ length and 5 1/8 girth.”

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