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William’s Testimonial

Nickname: William
Product used:
Size Genetics

Starting measurements:
4 inches flaccid before
5 inches erect before


5½ inches flaccid after
6¼ inches erect after

When I first bought the device i didn’t think it would really work becuase I’ve tried other enlargement programs and nothing helped. After only 4 months of use I’ve seen my pnis gain a full inch in flaccid length to 5″ and a near ¾ gain in erect length to approximately 6¼”. The device is really easy to use and unnoticeable when being worn, which is great, and the exercises provided with the program help increase gains. I know this is only the begining of my gains and I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few months!

So don’t delay, get your Size Genetics penis enlarger today – And reclaim the bedroom with your new found confidence!