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Enlargement Products

Most men have fear that their performance in bed will have a direct link to their approval by the opposite sex and some will seek the use of penis enlargement products to quell this fear. The average size of an adult male’s flaccid penis is 3-4” while erect 5-6” long and between 1-1.5” wide. The length and wide of one’s penis does not ensure the pleasure given to the women and in fact a penis which is too long or wide can actually cause the woman great pain! Most men, however, are not convinced of this fact and will seek help in enlarging the size of their penis. Numerous methods exist in attempting to meet this goal including pills, surgery, exercises and lengtheners. Exercises such as jelquing, clamping and kegels seem to be the easiest, least expensive and most promising. Jelquing consists of massaging or milking the penis after applying warm compresses before and after the procedure. Clamping is a method in which a device such as a cock ring or shoe lace is affixed to the base of the penis and masturbation is performed. Lastly kegels are exercises done to strength the PC muscles of the pelvic floor and control urine flow better. It can help you to hold out longer during the sexual act and actually increase the width of one’s penis slightly. The maximization of blood flow to the penis improves sexual performance and to a slight degree overall length and size of the penis. Most of the fears men have about penis size are unfounded but the methods mentioned above are drug-free, inexpensive and not dangerous. Having a larger penis does not ensure a great sexual performance or the ability to have a successful relationship but can boost the confidence of the male.

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