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Genetics of Adaptation (Georgia Genetics Review) is a volume discussing the conflicting theories in genetics pertaining to evolution and mutation. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolutionary adaptation has been challenged by the followers of Gregor Mendel, who suggested that genes underwent large-scale and rapid mutations, unlike the slow changes suggested by Darwin in his theory of natural selection.

Over a period, many geneticists and biologists were drawn into this controversy, and tried to resolve it with advanced technologies at their disposal from time to time. Each time they presented new arguments favoring their point of view. Eventually, a union of working biologists, and geneticists sat down together to discuss all these studies and accepting some results, which came to be known as Modern Synthesis. It of course favored Darwin’s evolutionary theory. About 10 years ago, Orr and Coyne reviewed the issue of rapid genetic mutations versus adaptive evolution and found new evidences conflicting with Modern Synthesis. This prompted a group of biologists and evolutionary geneticists to re-examine the issue. This time they used advanced technologies such as statistical and molecular genetic methods for arriving at a conclusion. This book edited by Rodney Mauricio discusses several of these studies covering both animal and plant life forms, for resolving the conflict between evolutionary mutations, and rapid mutations.

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