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Penis is the muscular organ present in male. It is the main reproductive organ. It is also described as the male sexual organ. Penis is the organ which satisfies the sexual urge of female. Penis enlargement is the process of increasing the size and girth of the muscular organ. To attain the fullest satisfaction during sexual intercourse or coitus, penis enlargement plays an important role. The exercises involved in the penis enlargement process could be defined as the male enhancement exercises. The benefits of penis exercises are for, harder and larger period of erection, enjoying the bed activities for a larger span of time, the amount of semen ejaculation would be increased, and would control sexual mode.

Jelquing was an ancient male enhancement process originated among the Nomadic Arabian Tribes. The process is very similar to the milking process. The penis is altered in such way, that the blood vessels and soft tissues would be rejuvenated. On regular exercising of penis with the jelquing mode would surely increase the penis size. Several types of penis stretching exercises are prevailing; all diverge on the motto of stretching the penis tissues. A specialized exercise called as the Kegal exercise, wherein apart from penis elongation, the Puboccocygeus muscle also activated to prolong the erections. This would enhance the bedroom confidence. Food should contain higher protein and fiber content.

On contrary to the natural penis enhancement exercise, the home made penis enlargement process comprise of some side effects. There are some risks in the home made process of using the penis enlargers or penis extenders. These equipments without proper guidance would dilate the blood vessels to burst. It would also damage the soft tissues on erratic use. Even the masturbation techniques some time have detrimental effects. Any way the size genetics would be safer mode of penis enlargement, as it comes through ancestors genes.

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