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ok,i read the article and i must say that i totally don’t buy it. why? because even surgeries can increase your penis size only by 2-3cms max and he says double your size. research confirms that the average penis size is 6 inches and if you have a 9 inch penis i must say that its unnormal and rare and it is almost highly impossible to reproduce in every another individual so i have my doubts regarding that and in the article the author says he used some natural therapy to increase his size but he didn’t mention the particulars and contents and the course of therapy. so i’d rather stick to conventional methods of enlargement like surgery and injections. he also didn’t mention about the side effects of it.he also mentions about bio-chemicals many times and the bio-chemicals responsible for the penis enlargement are testosterones ,the male hormone which are produced by testicles up on stimulation by pitutary glands .so that is the only way to enlarge your penis and he didn’t mention anything about it.don’t get me wrong guys ,i’d love to have a freakishly large penis but i just don’t buy what he is selling and i don’t want to risk my health for it’s sake.

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